• ​​​Offices in Appleton only; very limited consultant staffing.

  • Advocate internet or virtual delivery for almost all programs.  No face-to-face meetings with a local consultant.

  • Participants are given an 800 number for a call center or office outside the region.

  • High-tech delivery.​

  • The program starts the day the participant initiates services and ends on the exact designated end date, regardless of progress.​

  • Consultants serve multiple locations and juggle 100 participants or more at any given time.​​

  • Not reported. 
  • Major competitors include offices of sister companies (non-Outplacement) in their total office count to create an impression of a larger footprint.

  • Rely on their technology as the primary mode of service delivery.​

  • Major competitors are part of global publicly traded companies subject to the whims of Wall Street.  Outplacement revenues account for 2% or less of total company revenues, making those divisions more vulnerable to cost cutting measures including offices closing/consolidations.​

  • Neither Right Management nor parent company Manpower are certified.
  • Participants build their own resume.  Face-to-face, one-on-one interview prep is rarely available.
  • Periodic group orientations are offered, combining participants from multiple companies and all levels OR participants are given a phone number to call a consultant located outside the local market.
  • "Cookie cutter" delivery methodologies focused on low-cost delivery.
  • Certifications are not required nor are they consistent.
  • Traditional service offerings only.

The Competition

  • Only provider with fully staffed offices and full-time consultants in both Green Bay and Appleton. 

  • Offer/encourage one-on-one, in-person delivery of services by real people.

  • All participants have a dedicated, locally based consultant.

  • High-touch, high-tech delivery of services.

  • Full-service programs offer counseling support until the participant is reemployed, regardless of the program length.​

  • Lowest participant-to-consultant ratio in the industry.

  • Participant satisfaction score in excess of 98%.
  • Equity member/member owner of Career Partners International (CPI) which has the largest network of true Outplacement offices in the United States.  CPI is the only major firm that maintains a coach-centric delivery model.
  • State-of-the-art technology platform that provides participants with additional reference materials and tools.  Platform supplements face-to-face, one-on-one delivery, does not replace it.

  • Privately owned, with ownership committed to/invested in the community.​

  • CPI was the first major Outplacement provider to achieve US  EU Safe Harbor Compliance.
  • Consultants work one-on-one, face-to-face with participants to complete their resume and conduct interview preparation.
  • All participants are offered a one-on-one orientation meeting within 24 hours of notification.

  • Best practices shared by all CPI partner firms with an emphasis on maintaining service and content quality.
  • CPI is the only major provider that certifies career consultants and requires ongoing continuing education.
  • CPI is the only major provider offering participants a proprietary program, New Horizons, targeted at the mature worker entering the later part of their career.​

The H.S. Group 

  • CPI is ranked #1 in the industry with a Net Promoter Score of  +78.64, well above the benchmark for excellence of +50.
  • Not tracked.

Comparing Apples...to Oranges

  • CPI is the first Career Services company to earn EU-US Privacy Shield Framework certification.
  • No certification.