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Dual Career Relocation Assistance Attracts Top Talent

Companies ask us all the time, “How can I attract top talent to Northeast Wisconsin and set myself apart from the competition?”

The answer is to ensure the trailing spouse/partner and family are happy and engaged with the community, schools, and their professional career in the new place.

For many prospective employees, a major deciding factor for relocation is the ability of their partner to maintain their own career through the move. Just as important is the family’s ability to develop a sense of belonging in the community and build strong connections.

With the prevalence of dual-career households, it can be a real challenge to convince prospective employees to even consider a relocation. When the move leaves their partner unemployed and struggling to find new opportunities, the children disrupted from school, and the family looking to build a new home, it is a big stressor and strong deterrent to relocation. The best employers understand that in order to attract, engage, and retain the top talent they need to support the new employee and their family during the transition.

Offering Dual Career Relocation Assistance to your prospective employees and their families provides the support to ease the transition and aids in acclimating to the new environment. Relocation assistance helps make the employee’s decision to move easier and less stressful as they know they have the resources to get settled quickly. And, when an employee’s family is well-adjusted, the employee is able to be more focused and productive as they begin their new job with your organization.

Here are a few key things to look for in a Dual Career Relocation Assistance provider.

Local Provider

When supporting individuals in their acclimation to a new location, you need to select a local provider that has strong ties to the community and a great understanding of the area. The very purpose of Dual Career Relocation Services is to assist in forming connections and building a sense of belonging, which is difficult to do if your service provider isn’t local.

A community orientation, including a tour, is a great way for your provider to showcase the many unique places in your city and get the family accustomed to where things are located. Information about events and activities also helps get the family involved and engaged.

Network of Connections

Individuals who are relocating to a new place often have few connections. An effective service provider assists in building these community connections. The new employee may benefit from introductions to local realtors or other community members. As part of a job search, their partner should also receive assistance with developing a professional network in the local job market.

Building strong relationships with people in their neighborhood and community forms the foundation for a sense of belonging and engagement. 

Robust Resources

A top concern for many relocating families is the ability of the employee’s partner to find employment in the new community. Selecting a provider with a strong career transition program is an essential part of Dual Career Relocation Assistance. 

A blending of technology-based resources and one-on-one meetings with a dedicated career coach is the best of both worlds for program participants to succeed in a job search. An experienced career coach helps guide individuals and provides advice in navigating the job market. Resume development, networking, job applications, interview training and practice, and offer negotiations are a few of the key topics that a quality program should cover. 

Demonstrating your commitment to a prospective employee by offering Dual Career Relocation Assistance helps strengthen the employment relationship, builds trust in your company, and displays your positive culture. People want to work for organizations that care about and support their employees. Be the company that goes the extra mile and provides Dual Career Relocation services. Your bottom line will thank you for the investment in your talent.