Harassment In The Workplace Training 

Our current survey is indicating some surprising trends in the areas of harassment training and risk management.  Have you evaluated your training recently?  How would it stand up as a defense under the scrutiny of a harassment claim?

Training remains the most effective method to prevent and address harassment in the workplace and limit your organization’s risk and liability.  Well-defined and executed anti-harassment training has numerous benefits for your business, including:

  • Reducing internal harassment claims
  • Avoiding costly investigations, litigation, settlements, fines and attorney’s fees
  • Maintaining a positive workplace and employee engagement
  • Reducing absenteeism and unnecessary turnover
  • Positively supporting a company’s reputation
  • Reinforcing company policies and ensuring all employees receive a consistent message

What makes The H.S. Group’s training program unique?

Our highly interactive training program provides in-person education facilitated by expert professionals to ensure your employees receive accurate information.  The sessions are developed and conducted based on your company’s unique training needs and harassment policies.  Upon successful completion of the training participants are quizzed for knowledge, and we provide the company with certificates of completion for each participant.  If you are interested in our unique training program, contact Denise Knutson or Pam De Leest at 866.619.7444 for more information.