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Our recent survey asked if management and employees could accurately identify harassment behaviors. Only 52% of participants indicated that management could accurately identify most behaviors and only 43% indicated that employees as a whole could identify most behaviors. Yet, only 58% of participants indicated that their company requires harassment training.

Experts from the legal community will tell you that education is still your best defense in protecting your employees and your company from harassment and harassment claims. In today’s business world of heightened awareness and sensitivity regarding harassment, does your harassment training actually educate your employees and protect your bottom-line or does it simply “check the box” to say that it has been completed?

Although companies have spent billions of dollars on harassment training, according to the EEOC, the number of claims is not decreasing. Apparently, this has not been money well spent. While conducting training is an important part of protecting your company, the effectiveness of the harassment training is really the critical part. Not all training programs are created equal.

Many companies that have training use some iteration of an online course. Those courses are described as efficient, quick, simple, convenient and cost-effective for delivery to large groups. However, these popular criteria for selecting a program do not indicate the level of effectiveness. And, many companies end up with an online course that simply “checks the box” for completion rather than educating employees.

Another big gap in many harassment training programs is that they communicate legal-ese, definitions and policies, but they don’t teach behaviors and skills to help your employees proactively manage potential harassment situations before they become a legal and financial problem.

The H.S. Group’s highly interactive Harassment in the Workplace training incorporates candid conversation about real-life situations to help employees understand what is and isn’t harassment as well as how to be proactive and address situations in a timely manner to prevent a scenario from becoming a harassment issue. Our training is customized to your policies, and we partner with HR to incorporate content that your employees can best relate to. If you are evaluating your current training or considering adding a training program, we would love to talk with you about how we can help you protect your bottom-line.