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     The Keys to a Successful Employee Survey

  • Gain buy-in from management and employees

  • Guarantee confidentiality of participants' input

  • Use survey results to create change

     The Benefits

  • Identifies all employees' input and concerns which
    have both positive and adverse impact on productivity
    and profits

  • Demonstrates leaders' willingness to listen to employees
    and take action

  • Provides management with an unbiased, scientific, and
    accurate view of the organization

  • Documents what the company does well

  • Improves communication throughout the organization

  • Allows the organization to focus on specific problems

  • Sets the stage for meaningful problem-solving teams
    that are aware of issues and become personally 
    involved in their resolution

  • Enables management to better utilize its financial and 
    management resources in correcting issues

  • Benchmarks corporate and department results which
    can be used in future surveys

  • Assures employees that their opinions are heard by
    a confidential third party

Are you missing the chance to hear ideas, see opportunities, and communicate success?  As a confidential third-party provider, we will work with you to develop a customized survey that encourages open responses.  Our professional administration and statistical data analysis assists you in determining areas of improvement and success.  Employee surveys, when done well, can increase employee morale, productivity, and pride in your organization.

Employee Surveys

We have the expertise to negotiate your union contract.  We are known for our homework prior to negotiation, our attention to the smallest detail, for achieving results that make management’s ability to operate easier, for maintaining and improving management / labor relationships and forming strategic partnerships with unions.  All of this is accomplished on a foundation of trust, respect and dignity while maintaining a high level of work expectations. 

A sudden or unexpected vacancy may not provide enough time to respond with expertise and management continuity.  Use The H.S. Group to meet your Human Resource needs while you continue to recruit a permanent replacement. 

Maybe you have a need for additional or supplemental HR expertise in a time of rapid growth and expansion.  Call us!

Maintaining a fair and competitive compensation and benefits program is crucial to attracting and retaining employees. 

Our customized surveys target only the information and organizations that meet your criteria.  Utilizing market data to create and update plans ensures accuracy and objectivity.

     Union Negotiations

     Interim HR Management

     Compensation and Benefit Surveys​

     Knowledge Center Initiatives

  • Develop solutions to problems

  • Employee Handbook development

  • Metric development and training prior
    to implementation

  • Lean process

  • Job classifications (production &

  • Employee Relations principles /
    process including discipline, 
    discharge & severance

  • Union Avoidance principles / process

  • Labor relations, board charge
    ​representation, arbitration / 
    ​negotiation preparation

  • Business-sensitive investigations

  • Principles of Performance Manage-
    ment - Appraisals, Succession
    Planning, 360 Reviews, Coaching,

  • Hiring / recruitment process / retention

  • Interview process

  • Skill-based pay system development
    & implementation

  • Mission / vision / culture development
    and implementation

  • Compensation plans

  • Incentive plans

  • Legal / compliance updates

Additional Consulting Services

Rapid Response Advisor

HR Partnering Premium

HR Partnering Plus AND:

  • (4) Four-hour Leadership Development
    ​training events after every six months

  • (3) Continuous Knowledge Center Initiatives
  • Annual Employee Survey

HR Partnering Plus

HR Partnering Services AND:

  • (2) Four-hour Leadership Development
    ​training events after every six months

  • (2) Continuous Knowledge Center Initiatives

Our Partnering program provides you prompt, reliable human resource support and advice when you need it.  HR Partnering can be utilized successfully across all types and sizes of organizations.  Whether you’re a small company that doesn’t require a fulltime HR professional, you’re a large company looking for a resource to assist with HR challenges, or you’re a manager / owner handling HR without the background to respond to the full scope of issues, you can benefit from our expertise. 

     PEOPLE IMPACT AUDIT (Three Day On-site)

​            Part One: Profit Impact / $ Spend

            -    Health Care                                                                                -    Training & Development                                                           -    Benefits

            -    Workers Compensation                                                            -    Labor as a % of Sales                                                               -    Absenteeism

            -    Recruitment / Requisition                                                         -    Revenue per Employee                                                            -    Turnover

            -    People Planning                                                                        -    Benchmarking                                                                             -    Exit Interviews

            Part Two: HR Indicators / Metrics

            -    Heath / Dental Care                                                                  -    Turnover / Recruiter                                                                    -    Cost per Hire
            -    Life Insurance                                                                             -    Employee Satisfaction                                                               -    Absence Rates
            -    ADD                                                                                              -    Grievances / Complaints                                                           -    Workers Comp
            -    STD / LTD                                                                                    -    Legal Complaints - EEOC / ERD                                             -    Safety
            -    Vision                                                                                           -    # of Production Trades                                                               -    Turnover
            -    Time to Fill                                                                                   -    Employees / HR Professional                                                   -    Avg. Hourly Wage

            Part Three: Operational Policy, Practice and Process Review

            -    Handbook                                                                                    -    Union Contract                                                                            -    General Practices
            -    Employee Retention                                                                  -    Compensation                                                                             -    Incentive Pay
            -    Performance Management                                                       -    Employee Relations                                                                   -    Lean Principles
            -    Continuous Improvement                                                          -    Legal Compliance (22 Laws)                                                   -    SWAT
            -    Training / Development                                                             -    Mission / Vision / Goals                                                              -    Severance
            -    Discipline / Demotion / Termination                                        -    Org. Charts / Job Descriptions                                                  -    I-9
            -    Promotion Process                                                                     -    Exempt / Non-exempt                                                                 -    Unemployment
            -    Personnel / Medical Files                                                          -    Reward / Recognition                                                                -    Orientation
            -    Employee Communication


Survey Topics

Each employee survey is customized to meet your specific needs.  Topics are created through a combination of client input and
​H.S. Group recommendations and could include:

  • Communication

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Corporate Management

  • Culture

  • Working Conditions

  • Job Responsibilities

  • Supervisory Skills / Style

  • Training and Development

Survey Questions

The H.S. Group draws topical questions from a proven master list compiled over time.  In addition, custom questions can be developed to fill a specific area that the company wishes to explore.  For example, questions for the topic of Communication may include:

  • The company provides me with enough information about
    ​its decisions

  • The company does a good job of explaining future changes
    to me

  • My supervisor gives clear instructions

  • My supervisor provides timely information
  • The communication I receive is easy to understand

     We answer your questions the same day you inquire.  We provide        advice, recommendations, alternatives, coaching / mentoring and        participate in discussions after the fact.  Specifically we provide:

  • Rapid development of policies & procedures

  • Benchmarks

  • Recordkeeping information

  • Development of job descriptions

  • Response to Employee Relations issues including
    discipline and discharge

  • Response to Labor Relations issues including
    discipline, discharge, grievances, NLRB Board 
    Charges, arbitration and negotiation of day-to-day 

  • Compensation-specific rates for wage & salary / 
    production positions

  • Benefit-specific strategy

  • Quarterly labor / production statistics

Human Resource Partnering

HR Partnering

  • Continuous Profit Impact Counsel (You can't optimize what you don't measure.  Metrics, or the measurement of critical data, is essential to performance.  We bring human capital (people) to bottom-line savings.  Employees become entrepreneurs.  We teach strategic and impact performance.)

  • Rapid Response Advisor

  • Monthly on-site results review
  • (1) Continuous Knowledge Center 

  • Quarterly HS Statistic Survey Participation

  • Annual Employment Law Update

  • Excellence Roundtable Membership
  • Professional Talent Preview

Keeping up with today's competitive climate and the constantly changing human resource environment can be difficult for companies of all sizes.  Ensuring that the organization is complying with state and federal laws is, by itself, a challenge.  It requires not only experienced human resource staff, but training for all levels of leadership.  In addition, bottom-line results and monetary savings need to be part of your HR efforts.  We can teach you where to look, how to initiate change, and develop a strategy to implement and measure profit impact.  

Why Turn to a Consultant?

We have the practical experience of having developed and implemented the principles we propose.  Strategically partnering with your employees (your most important asset) will result in greater productivity and ultimately a healthier bottom line. 

We offer cost-effective human resource solutions designed to address the myriad of employee issues companies face every day.  Our primary goal is to contribute to the success of your organization.

Human Resource Consulting