Courageous Leadership

Not your typical management development program.  This bold approach to developing mid- to senior-level teams uses real data from your company to create a highly customized, interactive and powerful initiative built around your strategic objectives.  A six- to twelve-month process that includes:

  • Assessment results and implications

  • Leadership development / engagement materials revolving around real business issues

  • Individual and team action plans for moving forward

Positive Discipline

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of being a manager is having to discipline or terminate an employee.  It's important to recognize that the goal of discipline is to bring about changes in behavior, not to punish.  Ineffective disciplinary policies and practices can impact the bottom line in multiple areas, including productivity, turnover and legal fees.

In this workshop we focus on the importance of communication and documentation throughout the discipline process.  Our delivery is tailored to your policies and culture with a focus on retention rather than replacement of employees, while increasing your manager's ability to create positive change in employee behavior. 

So Now You're a Leader

A one-day workshop that examines the fundamentals of leadership.  This interactive group development program explores the role and expectations of a leader as well as the traits and behaviors of successful leaders in your organization. 

Leadership Coaching

A highly individualized process that combines 360° feedback, with the PDI Profiler, professional assessments and coaching to guide individuals in improving their leadership effectiveness and their business’ bottom-line results.  Our leadership coaching initiatives are one-on-one meetings for a customized duration, and are as unique as the individual.  We’ve worked with individuals across all levels, including executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and high-potential professionals.

Coaching Objectives:

  • Assist leader in understanding their natural preferences and tendencies, as well as the impact on their success and other people

  • Help leader recognize, leverage, and appreciate strengths, and identify and address developmental needs, both personal and professional

  • Enhance overall leadership effectiveness with staff

  • Improve communication skills within the executive team and with their manager

  • Monitor the implementation of techniques while providing ongoing evaluation and feedback

  • Instill the importance of continuous self-development to ensure sustained growth and development of these and other leadership skills

Create Your Career GPS™

Advancing Employee Engagement

Create Your Career GPS™ is an encouraging, stimulating, and interactive program consisting of four half-day workshops, supplemented by an hour of individual coaching and an invitation to join a peer group for ongoing support.  This robust workshop includes:

  • Assessment of personal goals, interests, energy, skills, values, and passion

  • Exploration of workplace trends, challenges, opportunities, and impact on participants
  • Creation of a personal career map for future success and fulfillment

Career Entrepreneur®

A one-on-one career management program to support career pathing and succession planning that is built upon a blend of professional assessments and individual coaching.  Tailored to each individual with program length determined by each situation.  The focus is on both personal leadership and functional skill development - a key differentiator from other career management programs.  This program targets senior and mid-level leaders.


5 Functions of a Great Team

Based on The New York Times best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, this one-day workshop is a practical learning experience that will help your team take its first steps toward greater cohesiveness and productivity.  Using a powerful assessment and interactive exercises, expert facilitators will guide your team to new insights and actions to make significant progress in each of these five fundamentals: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.


Programs & Capabilities

Leadership Matters - Creating a Culture of
Employee Engagement

Your corporate and leadership culture can be your biggest advantage in the battle to attract and retain talents employees or your greatest disadvantage.  In this process, we work with you to assess your current culture, frame your desired culture, and develop communication and leadership strategies to instill the culture in the organization.  Elements of the process may include focus groups, senior leadership input, and initiatives to foster leadership growth and address leadership skill gaps.

One of the toughest challenges organizations face is ensuring a ready supply of talent to meet the needs of the business.  Having the right talent is only part of the equation for success.  Building employee capabilities and developing a talent pipeline to meet both current and future needs is a vital part of the equation.

Today it is more critical than ever that companies continuously focus on achieving and maintaining a competitive edge.  There is constant pressure to grow the business. 

Neither your company nor the workforce are the same as they were just five years ago.  Today’s successful company is leaner, faster and staffed with growing numbers of a more diverse workforce.

Despite this, one thing has not changed – the one true differentiating factor in business is the people and talent that make business work.  Employee development is a strategic business initiative and should be given the same thought and consideration as any other business investment.

Because your company and your people are unique, your development efforts should be unique, focused specifically on your business needs.  You deserve more than the “flavor of the month” or off-the-shelf products.

We will work with you to thoroughly understand your current and future business needs, define and assess skills and competencies, and design and implement a development program unique to your organization. 

Leadership Development

Selecting With Confidence

Increase your company's success rate in identifying and hiring talent that fits both the job and the company culture.  Structured behavioral interviewing has been proven to be nine times as effective in predicting employee success compared to traditional, or typical, unstructured interviews.

This half-day workshop, designed for anyone involved in the interview process, provides interviewers with the skills to plan and execute a legally compliant structured interview.  Participants will have the knowledge to make better hiring decisions, thereby reducing turnover and absenteeism.  We provide interviewers with the skills to:

  • Plan and execute an effective structured interview process

  • Follow legal requirements during interviews - protect your organization

  • Improve the probability that the new hire will be satisfied and possess the skills to perform to the company's expectations 

  • Reduce the turnover and absenteeism that results from dissatisfied and unsuccessful employees

Communication Concepts

This one-day workshop will help you improve your outcomes, with a focus on understanding your process as well as yourself.  You’ll review the basic model of communication, work on interpersonal skills, discover the power of active listening and improve your ability to influence change. 

Succession Planning

Sustaining competitive advantage, ensuring ongoing operations, and minimizing the impact of unexpected departures requires organizations to continually identify and develop their bench strength.  We help organizations strategically map, assess, and develop the abilities of their present and future leaders.

  • Less than half (44%) of CEOs say their companies are ready to meet future leadership needs.  (Source: The Conference Board)

  • Human capital is CEOs' top business challenge for the fourth consecutive year.  (Source: The Conference Board)


Accelerate employee contributions and organizational impact with an effective onboarding strategy that sets the stage for assimilation and engagement of employees at all levels, ensuring more swift contributions to the company.  Understanding company expectations and business imperatives helps new employees commit to their roles and be more effective more quickly. 

Manager As Coach

Building & Sustaining a Coaching Culture

Effectively coaching others to achieve their full potential is a requirement for organizations to succeed in today’s challenging environment.  Yet coaching is one of the most overlooked skills.  With the multi-session Manager as Coach Learning Series (MACLS), line supervisors to executives gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

Career Development

A one-day workshop that combines the use of the MBTI® with 360° feedback to objectively identify an individual’s natural tendencies as well as his or her demonstrated workplace behaviors.  The feedback is utilized to develop a solid career action plan that establishes opportunities to leverage strengths, address development needs, appreciate differing leadership styles and cultivate the motivation necessary to support difference as well as engagement.  This offering is appropriate for individuals at all levels.