Legal Issues for Leaders

A dynamic, practical and understandable review of Legal Issues impacting organizational processes of Hiring (recruiting, interviewing, employment), General Management (evaluations, promotions, privacy, defamation, family leave, harassment, disabilities, employee/labor relations law, uniform services) and Termination (discipline, termination, reduction in force).  Our teaching is a focused, law-centered, two-session (four hours/session) workshop, with a foundation of common sense that will absolutely aid in retention.  Completion of this program will add confidence, knowledge and competency to your ability to design organizational employee systems in compliance with the Law.

So You're a Leader

An interactive group development program that examines the fundamentals of  leadership from the perspective of a long-term leader in pursuit of management development or the new/relatively inexperienced leader.  This program takes participants through a high-level overview of their leadership role, the expectations of executives and employees for  leaders, and the characteristics, traits and behaviors of successful leaders.  Additionally participants are introduced to the power of communication, financial acumen,
employee engagement, coaching, motivation and other
​managerial skills.

Becoming A Team

A four-hour interactive workshop that can be used to “strengthen” and recharge a team’s performance, in essence aid the team to reach potential.  The Team and the Team Leader together explore methods/traits for improving team success.  Work force generational differences and team dysfunctions are examined.  Research is studied extensively regarding what employees want from their leaders with case review of characteristics of “good” leaders.  Concepts of employee engagement/managing strategy are introduced, the “why” of teams analyzed and team member expectations are reviewed in-depth.  A proactive model of Team Meetings is also presented

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Excellence Roundtable

          Sessions are held September through June.

          Virtually all organizations acknowledge the critical importance of employees in the success of their business. 

          This Roundtable Series was developed to assist you in creating and fostering a workplace where employees can flourish
          and your organization can reap the financial rewards.  You can interact with other organizations regarding best practices,
          share your experiences, benchmark with others, openly ask questions and explore answers in a problem-solving environment.                   Your participation will impact your own development.

          Our blend of leadership and human resource topics provides you with the information you need to impact both your
​          employees and your bottom line.

          * Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)                                                                * The Wonderlic Personnel Test
          * California Psychological Inventory (CPI 260)                                                   * Skill Tests Measuring Job Skills in:
          * Hogan Developmental Survey (HDS)                                                                 -   Computer Applications
          * Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)                                                                     -   Accounting & Aptitude
          * Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)                                                    -   Healthcare
          * Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory (MVPI)                                               -   Mechanical Aptitude
          * Sales Achievement Predictor  (Sales AP)                                                           -   Industry-specific skills
          * Other

Available Assessments & Tests

Administered and Interpreted
Dr. Charles Juno, Ph.D. - Psychology

Workplace Harassment

A four-hour workshop that avoids costly litigation or fines, maintains productivity and maintains or increases employment morale.  We emphasize the employer brand remaining high quality, dispel 
confusion/misunderstanding, reinforce policy, protect employees and avoid turnover.  This curriculum meets standards for annual Harassment training. 

Human Resources Data & Metrics

A four-hour workshop which enhances the bottom-line impact HR as a discipline can bring to the organization.  We teach you what can be measured, how to measure it, how to use the measurements organizationally and what benchmarks should be used.  Metrics can be used to communicate significant issues and to establish check points on the road to recovery.  The adage of “what gets measured gets done” is certainly appropriate as we add a managing dimension to your leadership skill set.  The introduction of additional objectivity to the field of HR is a dimensional decision-making improvement. 

Time Management

Time is viewed as an ally, as an element to be managed.  We begin the one-day workshop with a review of how you spend your time and then 
examine ideas of waste identification and elimination.  Discussion also centers on how we can improve time management in our own organization as well as personally.  We learn improved task prioritizing as well as alignment with the direction and vision of our individual companies.  We study the concepts of clear expectations in our planning for daily, weekly and long-term activities designed to meet organizational deliverables.  

Following Up to Support Improvement

A four-hour workshop that highlights follow-up coaching as a major component in sustaining improvement of performance and work habits.
We teach how to acknowledge and reinforce improvement and how to address continuing performance gaps.  We also address the natural consequences of both progress and lack of progress.  Active listening is reinforced as an important component of feedback with an action plan as a takeaway from the conversation.  Fairness and consistency concepts are stressed, we address expected challenges to improvement plans and work to sustain long-term improvement.  

Holding Effective Meetings

A one-day workshop that begins with why hold or not hold a meeting.  We review the purposes of meetings, discuss ground rules which make 
meetings more effective and the roles of participants, and establish outcomes for effective meetings.  High agreement vs. consensus is 
studied.  We also review the concepts of “who and by when” along with the creation of a reliable promise.  We view meetings as a tool of 
management to support informational communication and team building, and to provide improved decision making.

Core Skills to Build Commitment

A four-hour workshop that stresses behavior in a changing environment.  The role of leader as “catalyst” in an increasingly demanding and changing work environment is studied.  Skillful communication is role played to enhance learning.  Feedback becomes an effective leadership tool.  Interaction skills are practiced in the classroom in a variety of situations with feedback provided from the group.  We demonstrate how to build commitment that is required to meet critical organizational results.

Lean 101

A Lean primer to separate fact from fiction.  What Lean is and is not.  This one-day workshop reviews Lean principles, gives you a taste of the Lean language, and stresses impact on and requirements from leadership to ensure effectiveness.  We review the roadmap to transformation for your organization, recounting the requirements along the journey with a system to measure results.  We explain the functions of an operating system to stay on course, the importance of accounting/measurement, the required leadership changes to ensure success and never stop the emphasis on process.  Use this course to determine if your leadership team is ready for a Lean commitment.

Problem Solving

We equip leaders with tools to improve operational effectiveness.  Problems become opportunities for team advancement, innovation, creativity and profit contribution.  This one-day workshop will teach various methods of problem solving, an ability to recognize problems from preliminary data, and will add problem-solving tools including brainstorming, fish bone, root cause, 4M’s 5 Whys and Plan Do Check Act to your skill set. 

Business Correspondence

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to learn effective techniques of written communication along with email usage, as well as the knowledge, characteristics and attitudes of correspondence.  The leader is equipped with tips, suggestions and ideas for corresponding, introduced ever so slightly to grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Participants review basics of writing, how and when to use email, principles of “netiquette” regarding email and common mistakes when creating and using PowerPoint or preparing business presentations. 

Motivation and You

Discover what motivates you.  We will confidentially assess your motives, values and preferences.  In the following one-day workshop, you will study the foundational principals of motivation through the teachings of the behaviorists we have previously heard, seen or read.  We will tap into this understanding and help you, as a leader, improve your effectiveness in motivating others important to your results.  We will also explore the differences in motivation attributable to baby boomers, millennials and more!  A critical workshop in self-development.

Managing Discipline

In this one and a half-day workshop we focus on the importance of communication throughout the process and reinforce the purpose of discipline---“Changing Behavior.”  We tailor our delivery to non-union or union environments, whichever is appropriate.

We recognize that corrective action is a key management responsibility that impacts morale, productivity, bottom-line results, turnover, legal claims and liability, in addition to upholding expectations.  We place substantial emphasis on attention to detail and documentation, with
emphasis on professional confrontation. 

We customize our workshop to your history of complaints/grievances and work rules, and stress the potential of positive outcomes.  We also examine your standard operating procedures.

Union Avoidance

A one-day workshop which recognizes that professional management doesn’t require a “third party” to assist in organizational leadership.  Leader responsibilities are reviewed with an examination of the impact leaders have on creating an issue-free workplace.  We focus on early warning signs of union activity, the handling of organizing questions, as well as union activity locally and nationally. 

We also review what can and cannot be said in maintaining a union-free work environment and include updates on the national labor relations climate.  A must-do workshop to proactively prepare your organization against the demands for union recognition.

Collective Bargaining Basics

It’s one element to have a union contract; it’s another to give you an understanding of the history of the Labor Movement.  We find depth of 
understanding substantially improves labor agreement administrative performance. 

We will use your labor agreement to increase your understanding of the contract itself and the role supervisors/leaders play in outcomes.  We will also examine relationships between management and labor in the collective bargaining process.  Union steward relationships will be discussed, in addition to other union official roles.  A classroom contract review is introduced along with a discussion of any of your Memos of Understanding. 

At the conclusion of this two-day workshop, managerial depth of awareness, understanding, consistency of application, interpretation and administration of the Collective Bargaining process will have significantly improved.  This workshop becomes an essential investment in your Collective Bargaining relationships. 

Communication Concepts

A significant part of each day is spent in communication; estimates are from 70-90% depending on your leadership
role.  This one-day workshop will help you
improve your outcomes, with a focus on
understanding your process as well as
yourself.  You’ll review the basic model

of communication, work on interpersonal

skills, discover the power of active listening

and improve your ability to influence

change.  We also introduce communication 

concepts based on The New York Times

best-selling book, Crucial Conversations.


Succession Planning

An evolving process — NOT just a one-time event.  The H.S. Group can help your organization map the direction and develop the talent of your current and future leaders.  We also create an awareness of the need for mentoring.

Conducting Employment Interviews

A three-day workshop that gives you expertise and confidence in the “art” of interviewing.  We share specific methods of the actual interview itself, we enhance your skill set in questions to ask (what is appropriate and what is not), and you leave with practical sample questions you can customize for use back on the job.  We create a selection-with- confidence environment.

Performance Appraisal 360° Feedback

A one-day workshop enhancing understanding of your individual leadership approach and interaction with others.  Adaptation skills are also taught along with an appreciation of differing leadership styles and the motivation necessary to support difference as well as engagement.  

We combine the use of the MBTI® with 360° feedback to objectively identify an individual’s natural tendencies as well as his or her demonstrated workplace behaviors.  The feedback is utilized to 
develop a solid career action plan that establishes opportunities to leverage strengths and address development needs.  This offering is appropriate for individuals at all levels.

Onboarding 101

Research has shown that the professional onboarding of new employees can have a significant positive impact on turnover, with the “right culture” being established and showcased from day one.  In this four-hour workshop, we review your existing process, recommend changes and leave you with the confidence that your new program will make a difference. 

Leadership Coaching

A highly individualized process that combines 360° feedback, with the PDI Profiler, professional assessments and coaching to guide individuals in improving their leadership effectiveness and their business’ bottom-line results.  Our leadership coaching initiatives are one-on-one meetings for a customized duration, and are as unique as the individual.  We’ve worked with individuals across all levels including: 

* Executives
* Managers
* Supervisors/Team Leaders
* High-Potential Professionals 


  • Assist leaders in understanding their natural preferences and tendencies, as well as the impact on their success and other people.

  • Help leaders recognize and appreciate strengths and developmental needs, both personal and professional.

  • Enhance overall leadership effectiveness with staff and improve communication skills within the executive team and/or with their manager.

  • Monitor the implementation of techniques while providing ongoing evaluation and feedback.

  • Instill the importance of continuous self-development to ensure sustained growth and development of these and other leadership skills.

Many companies recognize the importance of staying business current with managerial practices and spend significant dollars sending managerial employees to seminars, training sessions and classes.  Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, not enough time is available to prioritize, strategize and develop the specific training interventions required.  Your revenue dollars may be inappropriately spent.

Enter The H.S. Group.  As your company faces the workforce and competitive issues of the 21st century, The H.S. Group is already developing solutions to assist you.  We have the expertise to analyze, evaluate and identify your training requirements with you.  We offer a team with experience leading HR in manufacturing, a 
Psychology Ph.D. and other members with extensive experience in training and development.  This team averages 30 years per person of individual development experience.

We have a substantial number of existing courses you can select from for individual, group or executive development.  We address needs at any level of the organization, target specific issues or customize individual coaching.  Most importantly, working with you we can establish a complete Custom Leadership Development Program tailored to your company.  Your program will not require any significant investment of your time as we will design, develop, teach, implement, maintain and update your specific courses.  In addition, we follow up on training provided after it’s delivered!


Couple this coursework with our HR Partnering program and you have a cost-conscious, bottom-line development program that gives you a means of measuring a Return on your Investment.

Leadership Matters!

Manager As Coach Learning Series

Building & Sustaining a Coaching Culture

Effectively coaching others to achieve their full potential is a requirement for organizations to succeed in today’s challenging environment. Yet coaching is one of the most overlooked skills.  With the multi-session Manager as Coach Learning Series (MACLS), line supervisors to executives gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

Career Management

A one-day workshop enhancing understanding of your individual leadership approach and interaction with others.  Adaptation skills are also taught along with an appreciation of differing leadership styles and the motivation necessary to support difference as well as engagement.  

We combine the use of the MBTI® with 360° feedback to objectively identify an individual’s natural tendencies as well as his or her demonstrated workplace behaviors.  The feedback is utilized to 
develop a solid career action plan that establishes opportunities to leverage strengths and address development needs.  This offering is appropriate for individuals at all levels.

Create Your Career GPS™

Advancing Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive and positively affect an organization’s success.  With our trailblazing Create Your Career GPS™, employees are engaged, renewed and reinvigorated as they 
acknowledge workplace trends, identify their passions and talents, assume career path accountability, and discover how they can best align their career goals with their organization’s strategic objectives and business goals.

Create Your Career GPS™ is an encouraging, stimulating and interactive program consisting of four half-day workshops which can be supplemented by an hour of individual coaching and an invitation to join a peer group for ongoing support.

Career Entrepreneur®

A one-on-one career management program to support career pathing and succession planning that is built upon a blend of professional assessments and individual coaching.  Tailored to each individual with program length determined by each situation.  The focus is on both personal leadership and functional skill development  — a key differentiator from other career management programs.  This program targets senior and mid-level leaders.


Hiring to Win

Everyone recruits but often the process is not comprehensive.  We will work with you to review your current process and recommend state-of-the- art improvements.  When we’re complete you will have a process that sets you apart from others, brands your company as an employer of choice, is thorough and makes an impact on turnover.  Hiring is a business-critical process and we have the expertise to put you in control of “hiring right.”  In two days we will review everything from job descriptions, requisitions and resumes, to your complete staffing process for both production and management employees. 

5 Functions of a Great Team

Based on The New York Times best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, this one-day workshop is a practical learning experience that will help your team take its first steps toward greater cohesiveness and productivity.  Using powerful assessments and interactive exercises, expert facilitators will guide your team to new insights and actions to make significant progress in each of these five fundamentals: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.


Programs & Capabilities

Leadership Culture

Executive level assessment at your company determines Key Leadership characteristics which are the foundation principles of your culture.  Once characteristics are defined, we develop a customized “kickoff” workshop of your Leadership Culture.  The four-hour workshop enables all leaders to quickly conceptualize the expectations for leading at your company.  We value alignment, same-path focus and common vision.  Participants will also learn, review and understand organizational mission, vision and strategy. 

One of the toughest challenges organizations face is ensuring a ready supply of talent to meet the needs of the business.  Having the right talent is only part of the equation for success.  Building employee capabilities and developing a talent pipeline to meet both current and future needs is a vital part of the equation.

Today it is more critical than ever that companies continuously focus on achieving and maintaining a competitive edge.  There is constant pressure to grow the business. 

Neither your company nor the workforce are the same as they were just five years ago.  Today’s successful company is leaner, faster and staffed with growing numbers of a more diverse workforce.

Despite this, one thing has not changed – the one true differentiating factor in business is the people and talent that make business work.  Employee development is a strategic business initiative and should be given the same thought and consideration as any other business investment.

Because your company and your people are unique, your development efforts should be unique, focused specifically on your business needs.  You deserve more than the “flavor of the month” or off-the-shelf products.

We will work with you to thoroughly understand your current and future business needs, define and assess skills and competencies, and design and implement a development program unique to your organization. 

Leadership Development