*All programs have 24/7 career portal access until re-employment is achieved.

Current outplacement candidates are representative of a wide range of disciplines and industries. 

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Additional Services

 Pre-Termination Planning Assistance

  We provide information to help managers    determine if they are ready to terminate an employee, as well as tips for conducting the
termination meeting.

Notifier Training

Our experienced consultants assist
managersin conducting the meeting successfully, transitioning the separated employee, and managing the
organizational transition.

Dual Career Relocation Assistance

A working spouse or partner affects a prospective employee’s willingness to
relocate.  Providing assistance to the
partner not only eases the transition for
the entire family, but allows the employee
to be more focused and productive.

We offer a range of services from
community orientation and networking
meetings to assessments, resumé
preparation, networking strategies,
marketing techniques, and interview
training.  Services can also include
office space, administrative support,
and career counseling.

Retirement Planning

With the New Horizons program,
The H.S. Group challenges conventional
thinking about retirement planning.
  Our certified Life Options coaches help
you cultivate strong, mutually beneficial
relationships with mature workers, no
matter what the future has in store for your organization or for each employee.

Group Outplacement

Group Programs are designed to assist the client in successfully managing the process of separating groups of employees from the company.  Seminars are tailored to the individual participants. 

Individual consultation and full-service follow-up are also available following two-
or three-day seminars.

Available Career Transition Candidates


Limited Service

Limited Service Programs provide individual consulting to develop the necessary tools and strategies to be successful in the job search.  For a specified number of hours, the candidate receives individual consultation and training, as well as a professionally produced resumé.

Full Service

Full Service Programs offer a comprehensive, structured process tailored to the needs of the candidate.  Programs include one-on-one consultant support, daily office space, administrative services, and a research library for a specified period of time, typically one to six months. 

A unique component of our Full Service Programs is that individual consulting continues until the candidate has successfully achieved re-employment.

Executive Program

The Executive Program offers unlimited career transition support including career counseling, extensive assessments, a reserved private office with personal computer, and administrative services.  For individuals exploring career alternatives, this program also provides guidance and resources for buying/starting a business or establishing a consulting practice. 

We offer two Executive Programs, one of which includes an exclusive two-year guarantee at no additional cost to the sponsoring client or the separated employee.

Why The H.S. Group?

  • Customized, high-touch, high-tech services designed to assist terminated and transitioning employees in finding new opportunities, while helping to minimize the trauma associated with being unemployed.

  • An affiliation with Career Partners International (CPI) that allows us to provide outplacement services nationwide via direct service as well as referrals.

  • Advisor/partner relationship with clients, coupled with a flexible, responsive approach.

  • Excellent consultant-to-participant ratio, among the best in the industry.

  • In-person meetings complemented by a strong technical component with our proprietary Momentum portal.

  • Unique internal resources and synergies, including assessments administered by our resident Ph.D.—Psychology.

  • Certified professional consulting staff with extensive business experience across multiple industries.  Average consultant tenure in career transition assistance of over 20 years.

The H.S. Group has been providing employee transition services to companies of all sizes and industries since 1984.  We customize programs and services to meet the specific needs of our client companies and candidates.  Our programs range from group assistance for clerical or production employees to executive programs for senior management.