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Career Transition / Outplacement


When change impacts your business and employees, our career transition services help facilitate a smooth transformation for everyone involved. Our programs protect your company’s brand and bottom line while providing compassionate support for separated employees and successfully transitioning the organization. Our team recognizes the uniqueness of each individual, company, and situation, and we partner with you to support your specific needs.

International Partnership

As an Equity Owner of Career Partners International, a global leader in talent management consulting, we have a network of more than 350 providers in over 50 countries that can support your organization with outplacement and career transition services. Through our partnership with Career Partners International, you can be assured of the same level of quality and service no matter which of our partner locations serves you.

Career Transition / Outplacement Programs

With state-of-the-art technology as well as one-on-one coaching with a certified consultant, we provide comprehensive support for our Outplacement participants, easing the transition and aiding in the discovering of new opportunities.

Program Options

Our variety of Outplacement Programs allows you to select the services that work best for your needs and budget. We provide career transition services to companies of all sizes and industries, and we have options for all levels of employees as well as diverse delivery methods to accommodate your organization.

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individual service


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Typically, our Outplacement Programs offer the following:

  • One-on-one, in-person counseling
  • 24/7 Online PowerMyCareer Portal
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Career Continuation Manual
  • Resume instruction and development
  • Research, marketing, and networking strategies
  • Interviewing training/practice
  • In-person training sessions

Depending on the type of program that you select, it may also include:

  • Individual professional assessments
  • Daily workspace or a private office
  • Family and spousal counseling
  • Administrative services
  • Consultation on divergent career paths and retirement planning


Career Transition / Outplacement with the H.S. Group


Industry’s Best Coach-to-Participant Ratio


Months to Re-employment, Industry’s Fastest Avg. Time


Industry’s Highest “Very Satisfied” Rating


Industry’s Best Percentage for Landing at Equal/Greater Compensation

Access to online resources

All participants in our career transition programs receive exclusive access to our online career portal, PowerMyCareer, which provides extensive resources and tools to help job seekers succeed.

  • Personal assessments and exercises
  • Informational articles
  • Training videos
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • JobScan tool
  • Interactive interview practice
  • Databases of company information
  • Social media training
  • Links to helpful job search websites

Personalized Coaching Makes the Difference

We strongly believe in the importance of personalized, one-on-one counseling for career transition participants. Our programs are designed to support the individual during one of the most difficult times through creating a strong relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable consultant, who can help guide the process. Participants have indicated time and again that the personalized service made an immense difference in their job search success.

Client Company Services

We offer services to support you and your organization before, during, and after an employee separation. We will serve as your trusted resource from helping you decide whether you are ready to terminate, to guiding you through the termination meeting, to coaching you and your employees on moving forward. Through many years of experience, our consultants have developed expertise in managing employee terminations and will help facilitate a smooth and professional transition for your business.

Pre-Termination Planning Assistance

  • Assist managers in determining if they are ready to terminate an employee
  • Offer tips for conducting the termination meeting

Participant Tracking & Reporting

  • Provide updates on the separated employee’s progress in the program

Notification Facilitation

  • Train managers on conducting successful termination meetings
  • Provide on-site support during the termination to transition the separated employee

Survivor Re-Engagement

  • Coach employees at all levels on moving forward in the new organization

career management programs

Dual Career Relocation Assistance

A working partner affects a prospective employee’s willingness to relocate. We provide assistance to the partner to ease the transition. Service offerings vary and can include the outplacement program options listed above as well as:

  • Community orientation
  • Networking connections / meetings
  • Expertise on the local job market

Entrepreneur / Consulting Resources

Becoming an entrepreneur, whether through starting or buying a business, can be a daunting process. With the Entrepreneur program, our certified coaches guide and assist participants in exploring options and determining readiness.

  • Entrepreneur Online Portal
  • One-on-one coaching

New Horizons – Retirement Planning

With the New Horizons program, we challenge conventional thinking about retirement planning. Our certified Life Options Coaches help you cultivate strong, mutually beneficial relationships with mature workers, no matter what the future has in store for your organization or each employee. The program can be delivered in groups or individually.

  • LifeOptions Profile Assessment
  • New Horizons Online Portal
  • Personalized coaching with one-on-one sessions for individual programs

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